Be Bold on that Long Road Shortcut

Danielle Canonico is an emerging American, contemporary artist currently based out of Richmond, Virginia. Her style is rooted in boldly representing the everyday overheard conversations and random interactions with different people from various cultures. 


Danielle studied with several artists including comic book artist Vince Colletta, visual and musical artists in the southwest, New York and Virginia. Early on, she studied sketch and painting with her mother and attended summer art classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. She later moved to New York City to attend and graduate from New York University (NYU), and subsequently worked with an advertising agency, jewelry designer and then a lithographer and art gallery.


Drawing inspiration from the southwest art scene and natural environment, Danielle relocated to Arizona. It was an opportunity like no other where she learned directly from Native American, and Central and South American artists. Taking advantage of a unique opportunity to work in the performing arts, Danielle moved to Virginia, and has since collaborated with visual, musical and vocal artists, photographers, videographers and graphic designers. 


She is currently working on several multimedia projects. One of her projects is dedicated to un-clouding the subconscious to create argula monsters from quieted archetypes


Danielle Canonico - Artist - Richmond, VA




Richmond, VA, USA

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