Richmond, VA, USA

©2019 by Danielle Canonico


Driven by Passion and Curiosity

Danielle Canonico was made in Brooklyn NY spending her formative years in Northern New Jersey and New York City. As a rambunctious child, she took a deep dive to explore her creativity, learning how to sketch and paint from her mother, an artist in her own right., and enrolling in after-school art program - even studying under comic book artist, Vince Colletta. She continued art studies independent of school, taking pre-college classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC, NY and taking any free time to create whimsical characters and wild creatures. To this day Danielle creates character series straight from her imagination.​


Her visual art took a shared role to creative writing while a student at New York University and during her early career development. Never foregoing visual arts, she would take advantage of unique instructive opportunities while also experimenting with mediums, and independently studying anatomy and lighting concepts. Taking full advantage of living in NYC she explored galleries, museums and live music events. Always ambitious, she found value and enjoyment working for a  jewelry designer, advertising agency, art gallery and lithographer..  


A passion for exploration and education led to several relocations, Danielle moved to Phoenix, AZ where she met several Native American painters, ceramic artists and jewelers. While in the southwest she coordinated a live painting experience with the late-Bill Rabbit, a Native American artist - he painted a life-size sculpture of a pony for the public. She learned website and graphic design while continuing to develop her jewelry making, print layout and photography skills, which brought her significant career success as a marketing director.


Throughout her career she created opportunities to work as an artist, graphic designer, photographer and creative director. Her work and leadership have garnered recognition and several awards. While in Phoenix, AZ, she co-founded a start-up, Piece Corpse, LLC., a jewelry company. Her designs became popular among several music scenes including heavy metal, punk and gothic music. She later sold the company to fund her return to school to earn a business degree.​


Danielle was offered a marketing position with Virginia Opera, Inc. based in Hampton Roads, VA. She stayed with the company for seven years acting as their Communications Director where she developed brand awareness, initiated a social media presence, directed all creative marketing decisions for standard performances, as well as special events, fundraisers, world premieres and collaborations. During a corporate restructuring, her and several other leadership positions were eliminated. Without missing a beat, she returned to school to study math and science, subjects she long loved, earning engineering and chemistry degrees. While back in school, she studied music and art throughout Virginia including Blacksburg, Richmond and Washington, D.C. 


She now calls Richmond her "mini-NYC" and home, and she is no stranger to the local art scene. Danielle spends considerable time at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Studio School and the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. This lifelong learner is dedicated to her pursuit to, "live creatively." She now employs her style of art using various combinations of digital art, printmaking techniques, photography, drawing and design. Her work can be found in private collections in New York, Connecticut, Florida, Virginia and Arizona. A favorite hobby of hers is to design concert posters and promotional graphics for local music bands. Her art can be found having in small shop windows and on social media. Recently, Danielle launched L'Appel du Vide Designs print-on-demand modern illustrations and retro-inspired graphics for t-shirts, home decor and tech gifts.. She has come to truly enjoy being a prolific and successful indy art designer stating, " is awesome when you see someone wearing your design. It's always surprising and delightful, and definitely there is a fun connection."


Aside from her creative career, she travels throughout the world to run marathons and half marathons. She is an avid attendee of musical performances local and afar, and has a passion for volunteering and supporting local non-profits. During her free time, she plays her Hohner diatonic harmonic and Alesis electric drums. She acknowledges all would be impossible without the positive support of her friends and family, and the vibrant local art scene.