Richmond, VA, USA

©2019 by Danielle Canonico


Emerging Artist and Designer

Illustrations by Danielle Canonico and L'Appel du Vide Designs explore today's expressionist style by melding techniques of printmaking, photography, digital art and traditional art forms including origami. Design and direction culminate in original works for private collections, print-on-demand (POD) t-shirts, tech gifts and home decor. Check out the Shops page for gifts or contact Danielle to commission original work. Danielle Canonico is also an accomplished marketing and communications director who has lead pop-up public campaigns, brand development and large scale marketing and sales projects for a multitude of businesses.

Public Art Projects

  • Fashion shows

  • Art jury management

  • Live events

  • Jewelry design

Art Direction

  • Art and illustration direction

  • Engagement

  • Light sculptures

  • Music education

Creative Development

  • ​Director of photography

  • Logo design

  • Digital art

  • Printing

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